What Should I Expect for Customer Service at McDonald’s?

5 minute read | Published: May 23, 2024 | Updated: June 09, 2024

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How is the customer service at McDonald's?

I’m gonna be honest here. McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for its customer service. Unlike Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A, most people go to McDonald’s because they know they can consistently rely on the same food quality and taste for burgers, fries, and sandwiches. They don’t go there expecting topnotch customer service.

But since this is the topic for today’s post, I’ll provide a more in-depth look at what you can expect for customer service at McDonald’s.

Customer Service Inside a McDonald’s Restaurant

So let’s start here. When you enter McDonald’s, the first thing you’ll notice would be the self-service kiosks. Depending on what time of day you go there, you might see a long line in these kiosks or no line at all.

McDonalds self service kiosk

If you haven’t tried using McDonald’s self service kiosks yet, you can watch this video. Or you can ask for assistance from one of their staff. In the McDonald’s locations I often go to, the employees are nice and helpful. On a busy day, there’d be at least one staff manning the kiosk area, assisting mostly seniors with their orders.

After you’ve paid for your order, you’ll be given a numbered table tent which you’ll need to claim your food. If paying with cash, you have to go to the counter to pay for your order (which you’ve placed thru the kiosk machine).

Many of the cashiers I’ve encountered at McDonald’s would greet me with a smile. Some of them probably recognize me already since I regularly drop in for breakfast or just coffee.

Customer Service for McDonald’s Drive-Thru

For the most part, I go to McDonald’s in the morning for a quick breakfast or coffee. But sometimes when I crave for a Big Mac or chicken nuggets, I’d go to a McDonald’s Drive-Thru on my way home since it’s more convenient for me.

McDonald's Customer Service

The person manning the Drive-Thru window would always greet me with:

Good morning. Welcome to McDonald’s what can I get for you?


Hello, what can I get for you?

Sometimes, I’d get something more personal like:

“Welcome back! How can I help you today?

The service is always fast at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru and you’ll be munching on your Big Macs in no time. Also, it’s worth mentioning that they usually get my orders right – about 95% of the time anyway. They probably get hundreds of orders every day at the drive-thru window and I’m always amazed that no matter how busy they are, they never forget the small stuff like ketchup or the salt packet I requested for my fries.

Common Reasons for Customer Complaints in McDonald’s

Most complaints I’ve heard or read from McDonald’s customers are:

  • Incorrect orders or missing orders
  • Long wait times
  • Difficulty using the self-service kiosk machines
  • Dirty toilets and surroundings

These complaints do not necessarily apply to all locations. Keep in mind that majority of McDonald’s restaurants (approximately 90%) are owned by franchisees. McDonald’s regularly audits the stores, with a minimum of 4 inspections per year by corporate. However, there will always be locations that aren’t up to par, I’m afraid.

McDonalds quality customer service

Customer Service Reviews from McDonald’s Patrons

Samuel M.

The morning shift drive thru worker was very nice to me and my dog today. He got my dog a pup cup without me asking and fed it to him. Great start to my day. Plus the steak egg and cheese bagel was good.

Benjamin B.

My family and I continue to receive consistently positive service from this particular McDonald’s location. Our food orders are always correct, hot, and tasty. No complaints here.

Joe L.

Just ordered 2/4 pounders and 2 fish filet from McDonald’s.And one of the quarter pounders has no patty. I give them free stars because everyone there is so nice but pretty disheartening to not have any beef in your hamburger.

Linda N.

I have been coming by here every week for about three months now when…about one to three times thorugh the drive thru. Mostly lunch for a snack and rarely breakfast. Here, the service is really friendly and good, only once did I have a problem and that problem frustrated me when there was a woman who couldn’t understand what I was ordering, but that was only once and I don’t think I ever recalled seeing her before or afterwards. Well besides that they usually have some kind of meal deals, or they recently had for a couple of months free Frappe Fridays…you tend to see the same faces, food is always as ordered, lines are long, could be too long, but actually the drive thru moves by pretty quickly. like a minute a car and I don’t think that’s bad at all compared to other places.

L K.

I visit this location frequently and the customer service is great. But this location should be next in line to be remodeled. The tables and chairs are old, I never received attitude from any of the staff. Also the McDonald’s app has awesome deal for those on a budget.

Jason E.

I was highly disappointed that this location had no shakes, Mc flurries, or anything with ice cream. On the positive side, it was one of the cleanest McDonald’s I ever seen on the inside. But my craving for a Mc flurry left me unsatisfied.

Russell D.

Mcd’s is Mcd’s. This one has a playzone which is nice. Im writing this review for the drivethru though. They are fast and friendly. But watch out they are so fast that they like to forget items in your order. Make sure and check your bags! This happens to me atleast once every four trips.

Andrew S.

This is a super clean McDonald’s in Tacoma. I had to find a quick eating spot, and this restaurant was very close to my location. I used the app for the first time to order food, and it actually was quick, simple, and accurate. Staff are friendly and much older than other fast food restaurants. Bathrooms were clean, and tables were spotless. This place still gave you the option of ordering at the counter if you chose to.

McDonalds Clean Interior

Customer Service You Can Expect at McDonald’s in a Nutshell

Fast food chains have never been known for providing spectacular customer service. At McDonald’s, you will mostly get a quick service unless you’re there during lunch or dinner hours, in which case, expect a line or a bit of wait time. Occasionally they may forget an item or two from your order – it happens – mostly because they have a lot of orders to fulfill. But if you let them know an order is missing, they are always happy to remedy it. All in all, McDonald’s customer service is more than acceptable, for a fast food restaurant.

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