What is McDonald’s Dinner Box?

7 minute read | Published: May 23, 2024 | Updated: June 09, 2024

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McDonald's $12 Dinner Box

McDonald’s has been abuzz lately and not for good reason. McDonalds prices have jacked up 40% since 2019 and many people aren’t happy about it. So when TikToker @xolovelei posted a video about her “$12 McDonald’s Dinner Box” it quickly became viral.

The clip opens with @xolovelei talking to a McDonald’s employee at the drive-thru window, saying,

Hi, you guys have like a dinner box?” to which the McEmployee answers, “yes.”

After getting her order, she then proceeds to show us an unboxing of what’s inside the dinner box, which are:

  • 2 cheeseburgers
  • 4 small fries
  • 10-piece chicken nuggets
  • 2 Big Macs

All these for $12 plus tax (total: $13.20). You can watch the full TikTok video here.

I don’t know about you but a $12 bill for a meal that can feed 4 people sounds like a really good deal.

What is the McDonald’s Dinner Box?

The McDonald’s Dinner Box is essentially a bundle meal that can feed several people. The contents, size, price and availability of the box vary by location. In the case of @xolovelei her dinner box fed her family of 4, and included 2 cheeseburgers, 2 Big Macs, 4 small fries and a 10-piece chicken McNuggets, no drinks.

Is There Really a $12 Dinner Box at McDonald’s?

The question that’s on everyone’s mind now is, does the McDonald’s dinner box exist?

@xolovelei mentioned in the video that it’s not on the menu and you need to simply ask for it.

So ask I did – at my local McDonald’s here in Houston. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the dinner box at their store.

I also looked in the McDonald’s app under shareables (as suggested by her) but it’s not on there either. I could only find a 40-piece chicken McNuggets under this category.

Some Redditors chimed in with the deals they found on the app:


Mine has 2 large fries and 40 nuggets for like $15. Just do that with the 20% off and it feeds us.


It’s crazy cause the McDonald’s near me has a bundle box of 2 Big Macs, a 10 piece nugget, two cheeseburgers & two medium fries for $16


This would be 50$ in Canada.


Ours is the bundle box and hasn’t been 12$ in over 5 years. It’s 26.50.


Someone was asking about a $12 dinner box which apparently has 2 big Mac’s, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 fries, and 10 mcnuggets. That would be like $30 at my store tf? They kept saying it was on the secret menu and I’ve been working here for about a year. When I asked where they got this information they said tiktok. What the fuck is happening on tiktok


It is regional. I know in Ohio it’s the “Cavalier’s Dinner Box.” 2 BM, 2 Cheeseburgers, 10 PC Nug, 4 Small Fry’s. $18 in my area. It is like $30 as well to buy them separately here as well.

McDonald’s Clarifies the $12 Dinner Box

According to McDonald’s, franchisees can set the prices as well as the availability of the box so it’s not a standard menu item that you can avail anywhere.

Franchisees set their own prices and have the flexibility to create promotions that will drive demand in their restaurants.

The McDonald’s spokesperson added that customers should “download the McDonald’s app and sign up for MyMcDonald’s Rewards to access exclusive deals and check for shareable, bundled deals in their area.

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McDonald's Shareables Box

McDonald’s Dinner Box – In a Nutshell

The $12 McDonald’s Dinner Box exists but only in select areas. We don’t have a definitive list of where those McD’s locations are, either. Your best bet is to download the McDonald’s app, look at the shareables tab and / or the deals tab to see the latest promos and offers you can avail.

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