How Many Calories in a Big Mac?

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How Much is a Big Mac Meal?

A Big Mac has 590 calories, 25g protein, 46g of carbs and 34g of fat. The Double Big Mac, which has returned for a limited time only this year, contains a whopping 750 calories. Now if you order the McDonald’s Big Mac Meal served with medium fries and medium Coca Cola, you’re getting a total of 1,120 calories.

History of the Classic Big Mac

In 1957, Michael James ‘Jim’ Delligatti opened his first McDonald’s in Uniontown, PA. He was a war veteran and had a lot of experience in the fast-food scene from his post-WWII days working in California drive-ins.

Jim Delligatti Inventor of the Big Mac

Ten years into his McDonald’s venture, Delligatti devised a strategy to keep customers coming back. His primary customers were male workers from nearby steel mills and these guys often found the regular-sized burgers not enough after an entire day of physical labor. So to address this, Delligatti conceived the idea of a towering “double-decker” burger.

At first, the McDonald’s HQ was unimpressed with the Big Mac. They were hesitant to deviate from their successful lineup of hamburgers and even went so far as to bar Delligatti from introducing the new burger in his restaurant. However, he kept at it and eventually in 1967 got the company’s approval.

There was a catch though: Delligatti could only use ingredients already available in McDonald’s kitchens. So he went for a double-sliced, sesame-seed bun from a local bakery, diverging from the standard McDonald’s bread. After several weeks of refining his recipe, which included creating the burger’s distinctive tangy ‘special sauce,’ Delligatti was ready.

He started selling the Big Mac in 1967 for 45 cents each. It had two beef patties, the special sauce, cheese, pickles, onions, and lettuce, all in a sesame-seed bun, at his Uniontown location.

At the beginning, the Big Mac was named Blue Ribbon Burger and then The Aristocrat. The name that stuck, the Big Mac, was actually coined by a young secretary, Esther Rose.

The burger was a big hit, and Delligatti’s franchise flourished. He eventually went on to own 50 McDonald’s restaurants. By 1968, just a year after its debut at Delligatti’s stores, the Big Mac was available across the United States.

Today’s Big Mac remains largely unchanged from its original version, though its famous special sauce has undergone some modifications. The sauce recipe remains a closely guarded secret and originally, there were two versions. But by 1972, it was streamlined into a single sauce recipe.

What’s in a Big Mac?

The Big Mac contains the Big Mac Bun, 2 x 100% Beef Patties, Shredded Lettuce, Big Mac Sauce, 2 Slices Pasteurized Process American Cheese, Pickle Slices and Onions.

How many patties in a Big Mac?

There are two slices of 100% beef patties in a Big Mac.

How many cheese slices are there in a Big Mac?

A Big Mac has two slices of American cheese.

How many patties does the Double Big Mac have?

The Double Big Mac contains 4 100% beef patties, two slices of American cheese, Big Mac sauce, pickles, onions, shredded lettuce and bun.

How much is a Big Mac burger?

The price of a Big Mac varies by location. For example, at the McDonald’s near me in Houston, the Big Mac costs $5.59 while a Big Mac Combo Meal costs $9.99. In Atlanta, a Big Mac costs $3.95 while a meal costs $8.19. You can refer to this article I wrote which lists the prices of the Big Mac across all US states.

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What is McDonald’s’ biggest burger?

McDonald’s recently brought back its Double Big Mac for a limited time and is currently the biggest burger on the menu with four beef patties, 2 slices of cheese and a ton of toppings.

What is the most popular menu item at McDonald’s?

The #1 bestseller on the McDonald’s menu is the World Famous Fries, closely followed by the Big Mac.

Customer Reviews for McDonald’s Big Mac

Clyde M.

Overall good service and good Big Mac. Stopped by for a quick hunger satisfaction, placed my mobile order for the points, checked in at the drive through and was on my way in a matter of minutes.

Daniel B.

I got my usual #1 Big Mac Combo Meal. It was priced at $6.99 and after $0.56 tax, the total cost to me was $7.55. The combo came with a medium fries and drink (I got a Coke). This is a classic meal for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered the #1 meal at McDonald’s. Too many times. I had no problems with the #1 meal from this location. Everything was as expected and the burger, fries, and fountain Coke hit the spot. Big Macs are just satisfying to me in their own special way. It’s a tried and true formula, down to the seasoned patties, Big Mac sauce, and sesame seed bun. The fries were warm, crispy, and addictive as usual. I always remember to ask for ketchup when ordering this meal. While Mickey D’s fries are great on their own, they’re even more enjoyable when dipped in ketchup.

Abdul S.

Was feeling like a fat boy and decided to get a Big Mac meal like the good old days. Have always been coming to this McDonald’s since I was kid and really wouldn’t go to any other one but this location. Drive thru wasn’t to busy but is usually packed in the mornings. Decided to order from inside and it is very clean and well maintained with a complete new staff. Araceli and Richard were honestly very helpful with customers and were on top of our order right away. Made sure our order was made to our specific needs and in a timely fashion. The fries and Big Mac were good just like old times!

How many calories are in a Big Mac Burger?

Big Mac Calories in a Nutshell

McDonald’s iconic Big Mac burger contains 590 calories. If you’re getting the Big Mac Meal with medium fries and drinks, this combo contains 1,120 calories.

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