Does McDonald’s offer a senior discount?

5 minute read | Published: May 23, 2024 | Updated: June 09, 2024

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What is the Senior Discount at McDonald's

Senior discounts are special McDonalds prices exclusively for people who are above 60 (or 55 in some areas). You’ll find many restaurants that offer senior discounts, including Denny’s, El Pollo Loco, Golden Corral, Chili’s, Cicis and many more. But now the question is, does McDonald’s offer a senior discount?

On the many occasions I’ve lined up to order food at McDonald’s, I’ve observed that some locations, including the two outlets I frequent here in Houston, give discounts to seniors. I spoke to the manager at one location and she told me the discount they give to seniors is for beverages – more specifically, coffee. She did mention that not all McDonald’s restaurants give senior discounts. So it’s not a nationwide discount.

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I’ll provide more details about the McDonald’s senior discount in this post.

McDonald’s Senior Discounts

The senior discount at McDonald’s varies from one location to location, and not all outlets have it. As McDonald’s explained on their official website:

Ninety percent of McDonald’s restaurants are independently owned and operated by franchisees, who have the ability to set their own prices.”

It adds:

Certain McDonald’s locations may offer a special discount for seniors, those in the military or veterans, or teachers.”

Moreover, in many locations the discount doesn’t apply to your whole order. But instead, it only applies to either coffee or small drinks.

That means if you order a Big Mac, a 6-Piece Chicken McNugget and a small fountain drink, then you will only get the discount on the drink but pay full price for the rest of your order.

Does McDonalds Offer a Senior Discount

How to Get the Senior Discount at McDonald’s

In many restaurants including fast food joints, you need to show a photo ID to prove that you are indeed a senior. But while it helps to have an ID ready in case they will ask you for it, many McDonald’s locations will give the discount if you ask for it. Assuming of course you are indeed 55 years or older.

Here are a few comments from Redditors regarding the senior discount at McDonald’s:


i’ve ordered senior coffee for my mom on the app and no one at the front desk asked for ID or anything when i picked it up.

i could probably order one for myself as well, but $1 iced coffees is a better deal right now.


I asked the staff at McDonald’s one day a few months ago what the age was for the senior’s discount and they said there wasn’t an official age for the discount, and they don’t check anyway. I’ve never heard of anyone trying to get a discount who is not a senior but would be interesting to hear if anyone has tried.


I go to McDonalds 2-3 times a month for breakfast – I know it’s not great but I love the breakfasts there. Anyway, no matter which of 4 different McDonalds I choose on my to work, there’s almost always a group of old (75+) men sting there and chatting. I’m sure it’s because it’s cheap coffee and they don’t boot anyone out.

Discounts for seniors at McDonalds

McDonald’s Senior Discount in a Nutshell

McDonald’s offers a senior discount on coffee and small fountain/soda drinks. This discount may only be available in participating McDonald’s restaurants. It’s best to ask your local McD’s if the offer is available at their location.

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