What is the Quality of the Food at McDonald’s?

5 minute read | Published: May 23, 2024 | Updated: June 09, 2024

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Food Quality at mcDonald's

For me personally, I frequent McDonald’s because I know the food is always consistent here. Burgers are tasty, the chicken nuggets are always served hot, the fries are cooked exactly how I want them, and you can never fault their breakfast menu. You don’t go to McDonald’s expecting a $5 burger to taste like a $15 burger, right?

But let’s take a closer look at the quality of the food at McDonald’s and what the company is doing to ensure you get your money’s worth.

McDonald’s Quality Measures

McDonald’s wouldn’t have become the powerhouse it is today without listening to its customers. They continually evaluate their menu and identify key areas where they can improve without compromising the taste of the food that we have all come to love. Their customer service is exceptional.

McDonald’s has explicitly stated on their corporate website:

We are working toward responsibly sourcing our priority commodities, prioritizing animal health and welfare and making safe, quality food accessible to families across the world.”

To achieve this, McDonald’s takes the following steps:

  • Responsibly sources key commodities, prioritize animal health and welfare, and ensure safe, quality food is accessible to their customers.
  • Makes safety and quality of food their top priority and long-standing commitment.
  • McDonald’s leverages its scale and influence to positively impact the planet, animals, and people in its supply chain particularly for beef, soy for chicken feed, fiber, palm oil, fish, and coffee.
  • Prioritizes the health and welfare of animals throughout its supply chain.
  • Reduces antibiotic use and prohibits the routine use of medically important antibiotics in food animal production.
McDonald's Drive Thru

What Customers are Saying About the Quality of Food at McDonald’s

I’ve found plenty of feedback on Reddit talking about the food quality at McDonald’s. Here are some of them:


I heard that McDonalds is the US is absolute garbage, but from where I’m living (Vietnam), it has probably some of the best food ever. The burgers here are alright, I would say still better than Burger King and and other local places. But the fried chickens (Yes, I am not bullshitting) are probably the best fried chickens I’ve ever eaten. I’ve tried Popeyes, KFC, and even local restaurant but none has made better fried chicken than McDonalds. And the god damn ice cream here, the machines are never broken and the texture and flavor of the ice cream is just on a whole different level. Also, the McDonalds here compare to other fast food chains in terms of price, if you have the app, it is way cheaper to in McDonald than the others and even local chains/restaurant. But the fries is probably their weakest item on the menu. I rest my case.


13,527 McDonald’s in the US alone. For all the people who hate it, somebody is eating it. Personally, I think most of their menu with prices is mediocre, but passable if you’re in a hurry. Most of their breakfast, however, is legitimately good. Their bacon, egg and cheese bagel and hashbrown is my go-to in the car. Their fries are also good, provided you eat them pretty much immediately.

Dan Bradbury

I love McDonalds. I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit it. I love the BigMac. I get the Grand Mac (technically discontinued but the one near me will make it with Quarter Pounder components for me).

I love their breakfast stuff. I get the same thing every other Saturday: Sausage McGriddles w/ round egg, hash brown and orange juice (AKA: “Number 9”) + a bacon, egg and cheese Biscuit w/ round egg. (I hate scrambled eggs.)

For the money, consistency and speed, I cannot think of anything that compares with McDonalds. Tasty food, consistency, and a clean environment are the keys to success in this business. McDonalds nails it.

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McDonald’s to Make Some Quality Improvements

According to The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s is planning some new quality improvements. Usually the company is reluctant to alter its established recipes but it does make changes now and then.

One such rare moment is happening now. For the first time in many years, McDonald’s is making major changes to how it cooks its signature item: burgers. These changes are quite comprehensive, with the main goal being to prevent their burgers from tasting dry or stale. Chris Young, the senior director of global menu strategy, emphasized the focus on quality:

We can make it fast and safe, but it doesn’t always taste great. So, we want to bring quality into what we do.

McDonald’s isn’t just tweaking one or two things. The main change involves the auto-cooking system for burgers, which will now cook six patties at a time instead of eight to retain more juice and keep the patties moist.

You can explore detailed nutritional information about specific menu items like the McChicken, including calorie counts and more!

But that’s not all: The chain is also adding more Big Mac sauce to Big Macs and will also be taking the cheese out of the fridge earlier to enhance melting. Moreover, they will rehydrate onions after purchase, and use thicker bottom buns to help the burgers stay warm longer. These changes seem to be a move to maintain the brand’s competitive edge and ensure continued success.

McDonalds Meals Quality

Quality of Food at McDonald’s – In a Nutshell

McDonald’s food quality is consistent and shows their commitment to providing safe and delicious options to its customers. I’d also like to add that sometimes the quality may have something to do with the franchise, as some locations may not adhere as strictly to McDonald’s quality standards. In any case, as a fast food option, McDonald’s remains a reliable choice for tasty and affordable meals.

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