Are there breakfast deals at McDonald’s?

5 minute read | Published: May 23, 2024 | Updated: June 09, 2024

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Is fast food still affordable these days? The prices have gone up considerably. This article shows that the price of the McChicken sandwich is now $3, making it 200% more expensive than it was back in 2014 (it cost only $1 back then).

But we’re not just talking about McDonald’s here. Taco Bell’s Doritos® Locos Taco has gone from $1.39 in 2014 to $2.59 in 2024 (up by 86%), while a Cheesy Gordita Crunch used to be only $2.49 in 2014 and now it costs $5 – doubling the price in just 10 years.

Meanwhile Chipotle’s prices have increased by 75% on average while Starbucks prices have gone up by 39%.

But no matter how much we complain about the rising cost of fast food, the fact is, we still have to eat and we still value convenience more than anything. This is why people still go to McDonald’s all the time – I do, anyway.

The good news is, there are breakfast deals at McDonald’s that you can take advantage of so that you’ll be able to eat your favorite menu items without spending an arm and leg.

McDonald’s Dollar Menu

The McDonald’s Dollar Menu

You can get some inexpensive breakfast items from the McDonald’s dollar menu. Here are the options you can choose from:

Hash brown $2.85

Two dollars for a hash brown might seem pricey but it’s really good – crispy, hot and freshly made.

Sausage biscuit $2.68

While I don’t really order the Sausage Biscuit at McDonald’s, I think for the price you do get a good deal with this one.

Sausage burrito $2.82

This is basically sausages turned into small balls and put into a burrito. It’s an inexpensive, flavorsome dish to fuel your morning.

Sausage McMuffin $2.77

This is, no doubt, my favorite breakfast food at McDonald’s. The McMuffins are always a good idea, and the two-dollar sausage McMuffin wins them all.

I’ve written an article about McDonald’s dollar menu here.

The Latest Breakfast Deals at McDonald’s

Here are some of the McDonald’s breakfast deals I’ve found. Some may only be available in certain locations so it’s best to check with your local Mickey D’s.

Breakfast Deal of the Day on the App

If you haven’t used the McDonald’s app yet, then my friend, you’re missing out. McDonald’s always has deals in the app so be sure to download it on your phone! For example, in some cities you can find deals for $1.50 breakfast sandwiches like the Sausage McMuffin or the McGriddles.

Others have reported using deals that give them 20-30% off their entire orders. With these deals alone you can easily save $1 to $10 on your order (depending on the size).

Besides breakfast deals, McDonald’s also offers various discounts. For instance, you might be interested in learning about McDonald’s student discount to save more on your meals.

McDonald's 2 for $3 Deal

McDonald’s 2 for $3 Mix-and-Match Breakfast

Here’s another breakfast deal at McDonald’s. The combo allows you to mix and match your favorite breakfast items and pay only $3 for two items. You can choose from stuff like hash browns, Sausage Biscuit, Sausage McMuffin, Sausage Burrito and more.

McDonald’s 2 For $4.69 Mix & Match Breakfast Sandwiches

This is a different deal from the one I’ve mentioned above. So basically you can choose 2 breakfast sandwiches for $4.69. You can choose any two of the following:

  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit
  • Sausage McMuffin With Egg

This limited time offer is not available in all McDonald’s locations – only select restaurants across the country. And of course, as you probably already know by now, this deal may not be $4.69 in some locations – franchisees set their own McDonalds menu prices.

$5.99 Egg McMuffin Breakfast Combo

This one is actually not applicable in the US. It’s for the Canadian market but I figured I’ll include it in this post. For $5.99 you’ll get an egg McMuffin, hashbrown and coffee. If you buy these items individually, an Egg McMuffin costs $4 in Canada, hash brown costs $2 and coffee ranges from $1.50 to $2. So that’s $7.50 to $8 for the happy meal and with the $5.99 you save around $2. Not bad.

McDonald's Breakfast Deals

Can you use 2 deals at McDonalds?

You can only use one deal per person for each visit. If you’re using a deal in your app and you select “Add to Mobile Order” or Scan at Restaurant” and then “Use Deal,” then all other offers will be unavailable for the next 60 minutes.

McDonald’s Breakfast Deals in a Nutshell

There are breakfast deals you can avail at McDonald’s but these deals may vary from one location to another. Check with your local McD’s or better yet, check the McDonald’s app to avail of the latest deals in your area.

While exploring breakfast deals, you might also be curious about other menu items. For instance, check out how much a large fry costs at McDonald’s here.

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