What are the most affordable menu items or deals at McDonald’s?

5 minute read | Published: May 23, 2024 | Updated: June 09, 2024

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The Affordable Menu and Deals at McDonald's

These days, the prices of food have gone up quite a lot. Here in Houston, a Big Mac costs $9 while a 10 Piece McNuggets Meal goes for $8.79.  McDonald’s president Joe Erlinger recently confirmed that the McDonald’s menu item prices have increased by 40% since 2019.

Americans across the country are making tough calls about where to spend their hard-earned money,” Erlinger said.

And while we’ve been working hard to make sure our fans have great reasons to visit us, it’s clear that we — together with our franchisees — must remain laser-focused on value and affordability.

But the GOOD NEWS is that you can still find affordable menu items or deals at McDonald’s. I’ll reveal what the options are in this post.

The McDonald’s Dollar Menu

Although most of the items on this menu cost more than $1, this still covers the cheapest items at McDonald’s. These items are a great way to get some fast food for just a few bucks. Let’s take a closer look:

Hash brown $2.85

Two dollars for a hash brown might seem pricey but it’s really good – crispy, hot and freshly made.

McDonalds World Famous Fries

Fries $2.71

Fries are definitely becoming more expensive at McDonald’s. But I still order it anyway because who doesn’t love the crispy, salty World Famous Fries®?

Sausage biscuit $2.68

While I don’t really order the Sausage Biscuit at McDonald’s, I think for the price you do get a good deal with this one.

Sausage burrito $2.82

This is basically sausages turned into small balls and put into a burrito. It’s an inexpensive, flavorsome dish to fuel your morning.

McDonald's chicken McNuggets price

4-piece chicken McNuggets $3.36

If you’re not feeling really hungry, then perhaps a protein packed 4-piece McNuggets will do the trick.

Sausage McMuffin $2.77

This is, no doubt, my favorite breakfast food at McDonald’s. The McMuffins are always a good idea, and the two-dollar sausage McMuffin wins them all.

McChicken $2.89

The McChicken is one of McDonald’s most reliable menu selections and has been on their menu for many, many years. For less than $3, I say this is a really good deal.

McDouble $3.39

I think the McDouble takes the cake in the McDonald’s dollar menu when it comes to giving you more value for money. I mean you’re getting 2 patties in a burger for just $3!

Drinks $1.38 to $1.77

The drink options in the dollar menu include Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, Tea and Hi-C.

McDonald’s Exclusive App Deals

Right now, McDonald’s has exclusive deals in store for you if you order from the app. There’s the Free Big Mac with a minimum $1 purchase. This offer is only good for first time purchases.

You can also avail the Free Fries Friday which entitles you to 1 free medium fries on any one-dollar purchase through the app. This is a one-time offer valid until 12/31/24.

The great thing about opting in to McDonald’s Rewards and downloading their app is that you’ll earn 100 points for every dollar you spend. You can accumulate more points to redeem free food.

McDonald’s $5 Meal Deal

Starting on June 25, McDonald’s will roll out its $5 Meal Deal in the US. Sources tell me that this offering will include 4 items:

  • McChicken or McDouble
  • 4-piece chicken nuggets
  • Fries
  • Drink

This offer will be available nationwide for one month only. Keep in mind that the price is set for $5 however some stores like those in Hawaii and California may possibly charge more.

McDonald's $5 Meal Deal

This $5 Meal Deal would be a major discount from the typical prices McDonald’s offers for these aforementioned menu items. If you take a look at it, a McChicken costs $2.89, a •     4-piece chicken nuggets costs $3.36, fries $2.71 and a drink is around $1.70. If you add that all up, the total price is $10.66. You’re basically getting an entire meal at more than 50% off. What a deal, huh?

Is McDonald’s Worth the Price?


I’ve never had such a good feeling leaving McDonald’s. We had a bit of a hectic morning as a family and didn’t make it to finally ordering until the breakfast orders had already closed. Thought we’d have to reorder with burgers and the kids were down but then the staff told us not to worry, went back in and made our entire breakfast order (it was a big one!) and even brought out extra food! They came out and talked to us to check that everything was good and just showed such kindness it made our day, Thank you, 1500 S Harbor Boulevard!!

William S.

An extremely well run McDonalds. I’ve come here numerous times when coming to Disneyland. All of the staff does as an exceptional job, today Tommy noticed we were waiting and went out of his way to individually prepare our food for us. Extremely clean inside, overall just very impressed.

Nisia M.

Nothing better than a late night fry! I was desperately hungry and only wanted fries and I’m not too good for a fry from McDonald’s. I walked in to a packed lobby and told my sister I could wait for a drive thru on the way home but she insisted we could wait and to order here because I needed to eat. I only wanted a fry and got a drink to cool down in this 100° Vegas weather. My cousin ordered through the app and it ended up being a 12 minute wait. While waiting at a dirty table, my sister noticed a huge bug on a customer’s arm near us. After informing her, we decided to just stand and wait. I hate that their pick up screen wasn’t working because with so many people it’s hard to hear what order is called and to see your place in the queue. I already knew it’d be a long wait because it was packed and I’m sure everyone ordered fries. Honestly, I thought we’d have a longer wait so I’m happy with the wait. The large fries were hot, salty, and fresh – just what I needed.

Evan C

Across the street from the Aria and a small walk from the Bellagio. Self service order and pay and then food is served to your table. Double story restaurant. Great cheap meal if you want a break from the Vegas Hotel HUSTLE. Recommend for breakfast and lunch.

McDonald’s Affordable Menu Items and Deals – In a Nutshell

McDonald’s offers a handful of affordable menu items ranging from $2 to $3. The McDonald’s deals and promos which they regularly offer in-store or through the app also help us enjoy fast food at great prices.

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