Is There a Dress Code at McDonald’s?

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What to wear to McDonalds

If we’re talking about what customers wear to McDonald’s, the dress code can vary based on the location and context. Generally, there is no strict dress code for customers while making reservation but it’s worth considering a few points:

  • McDonald’s is known for its relaxed and informal atmosphere, so customers often dress in casual attire – jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers.
  • In beachside locations or areas near tourist attractions, it’s not uncommon to see customers in beachwear, such as swimsuits, flip-flops, and cover-ups, especially if the McDonald’s is close to the shore.
  • In urban settings, you might see people in business casual outfits during lunchtime, especially if the location is near office buildings and commercial districts.
  • Late-night visits to McDonald’s often see people in very relaxed clothing, such as pajamas or loungewear.

While there is no formal dress code enforced for customers, it’s always a good idea to dress appropriately. If you’re unsure, aiming for casual, comfortable clothing is usually a safe bet.

Now if the question is geared towards what McDonald’s employees wear to work, then the next section should be able to provide the answers you’re looking for.

Employees Dress Code at McDonald’s

Recently, McDonald’s announced its new dress code policy “Dress for Your Day.” It states:

McDonald’s prides itself as a fun place to be. We want you to feel your most productive and most creative at work—and we understand that in order to do that, being a little more comfortable with what you’re wearing to work is a must.”

McDonald's Dress Code

Basically, you can dress however you want – jeans, suit, business casual – as long as you leave out these things:

  • Heavily worn shoes, sandals or flip-flops
  • Clothing with offensive graphics or words
  • Ripped jeans and clothes
  • Shorts, t-shirts, overalls, sweatshirts, workout clothes
  • Hats or caps unless medically necessary
  • Leggings unless worn with an appropriate length dress
  • Halter tops, revealing or sheer clothing

So with this new policy, you can wear joggers, jeans, beanies, bucket hats, and bandanas. The company will have an “inclusive” uniform that will enable its employees to wear clothing they “feel most comfortable in” and will reflect their “own identity”. You can get here more info about McDonalds.

Wearing a suit to work at McDonalds

Frequently Asked Questions About McDonald’s Dress Code

Here are some commonly asked questions pertaining the McDonald’s dress code for its employees:

Are rings allowed at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s jewelry policy restricts visible jewelry to a plain wedding band only. Other types of jewelry, such as watches, badges, or any visible items (including tooth jewelry), are prohibited due to the risk of them getting caught in equipment, trapping dirt, and posing a food safety hazard.

Are tattoos allowed at McDonald’s?

Visible tattoos are permissible as long as they are not deemed offensive.

Does McDonald’s have uniforms?

Yes, McDonald’s provides uniforms for its employees. The latest uniform designs include aprons, jeans, and graphic T-shirts, featuring innovative CiCLO® technology. This technology allows polyester fibers to biodegrade similarly to natural materials like wool, making the uniforms both stylish and environmentally friendly.

Does McDonald’s have a no facial hair policy?

Employees with beards must wear a beard snood or net if the hair length exceeds 15mm or if the beard is prone to hair loss. Beards that cannot be fully contained within a snood or net are not allowed. The beard snood must be worn at all times to ensure food safety.

How should I wear my hair at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s policy requires all food handlers to wear hats. Hair must be kept under the hat, away from the face, and styled or tied back close to the head. Hairnets may be necessary for hairstyles that do not fit completely under the hat.

Does McDonald’s accept tattoos?

Yes, McDonald’s allows visible tattoos as long as they are not offensive. This inclusive policy recognizes that tattoos do not affect an employee’s professional abilities.

How to get new McDonald’s uniform?

McDonald’s provides its employees an allocation of uniform based on how many hours they work per week. If you need additional uniform you can speak to your Business Manager regarding the matter.

Can I wear a jacket to work at McDonald’s?

Employees can wear a jacket to work but no hoodies or anything that covers your shirt. The jacket should be black with no logos.

You can contact McDonalds through customer service for more info about discounts about Big mac deals and other food items.

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